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One of her friends in India had a son. The author is right as an American women, I would be screaming and kicking if my parents controlled who I married, but than again if they did would I have not chosen my first spouse and prevented a horrible divorce. An interesting incident essay Words Assimilation: In India parents are much involved in the marriage but they never allow their children to take a divorce.

They must feel that the person they have found for their son or daughter is perfect. This essay is a detail of the process of finding a suitable girl for a boy to marriage. Even thought this comments about arrange marriages make sense I still believe they take away your right to chose freely.

First, an arranged marriage is more reliable and rational, which may reduce the rate of divorce and lead to a happy marriage. They saw many girls but they well either to liberated, fat, or too high class which meant she had too much to offer and this would be a humiliation to towards the family.

On the other hand, Nanda had friends in America whose weddings were not arranged that were in the process of a divorce. She talks about how her parents are experienced and know what to look for in a man.

Serena tried to find a reasonable candidate for him.

Arranging a marriage in India Essay Sample

Before reading the article, I was the type of person who was completely against arranged marriages. In America, marriages are soon broken in divorce but the marriages lasted lifetime in India.

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They are not free for love marriage like in western societies. We depend on our relatives who know everything about families. Social investigation of various social orders is incredibly fascinating for me moreover. It keeps things interesting. The bride and groom can meet shortly before marriage.

Nanda was so excited about arrange marriages that she decided to become a matchmaker herself since she was successful in fixing up dates for her friends back in the United States.


Introduction Serena Nanda presented a matrimonial advertisement from India Abroad in her article about arranged marriages in India. Definition of arranged marriage is generalized in the form of interview by parents.

Arranged marriages may raise the rate of marriage, too. In this exposition, the essayist shows a record of the procedures of the orchestrated marriage in India. Although it is odd and strange for Americans, it is cultural and social norms and value of Indian people. Then Serena realized why arranged marriages lasted so long in India Conclusion Serena Nanda seemed to be happy and convinced with the Indian practice in the end of her article.

I also believe in arranged marriage because I have seen many failure love marriages and successful arrange marriages too. It is written about an Eastern culture from western individuals.

Furthermore, arranged marriage helps to build a peaceful family relationship, especially in Eastern cultures. There is also match making process in India to find out match able person.

Serena proposed another girl but again the family found her too educated and so not suitable for their son. As we have discovered the more you are like your spouse the better your chances at success in that marriage.

Nevertheless, Nanda soon cannot deny that the positive aspects of arranged marriage appear to her to outweigh the negatives. For example what was the family business, how many brothers or sisters and what was the dowry the bride had to offer.Arranging a Marriage in India Serena Nanda Arranged marriages in Indian society have been the norm for many centuries.

Even today, an overwhelming majority of Indian people have their married arranged by their parents, or respected family American we never really contemplate the idea of having someone choose our life-long partner.

The article "Arranging a Marriage in India" by Serena Nanda describes mainly the example of an educated family seeking a match for their daughter. Arranging a Marriage in India By: Serena Nanda Article Summary • Almost all marriages are arranged in India by the parents of the bride and groom.

• The considering factors are: personality, skin color, character, education, social class and physical appearance. Serena Nanda, a prominent anthropologist, composed an essay about how the Indian culture arranges marriages.

In this essay titled "Arranging a Marriage in India," she talks about her interviews with many young adults and her friend, taking place in India/5(3).

India, where more than 90% of the marriages are arranged (Gautam ), is among the regions where arranged marriages are strictly performed, as described by Nanda.

Arranging a Marriage In India – Four Levels | Flax Golden Tales

China, however, stands in a good middle ground of tradition of arranged marriage and the irresistible rise of consumer choice, even in the area of personal relationships (Gu 36).

In the essay “Arranging a Marriage in India” Serena Nanda is a professor which travel from America to India to carry out field studies. While in India, Nanda studied about Indian marriages and how the parents are the ones to choose the bride or bridegroom.

Arranging a marriage in india nanda
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