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Establishment of a communication satellite at a network of orbiting satellites can allow conversations of any kind in any position the moon and earth. In fact, once that has been done, it will be possible to raise specially bred crops outside the domes. Space exploration was and still is of significant interest to the U.

Nevertheless, even with optimistic extrapolation of robotic manufacturing techniques, Mars will not have the division of labor required to make it fully self-sufficient until its population numbers in the millions. It is this question that has caused many to incorrectly deem Mars colonization intractable, or at least inferior in prospect to the Moon.

Because all the resources to make plastics exist on Mars, networks of such to meter domes couldbe rapidly manufactured and deployed, opening up large areas of the surface to both shirtsleeve human habitation and agriculture. Rinehart wrote an essay proposing floating Moon bases in The moon also does have some gravity which is essential for the development of man.

Moon is the closest celestial body, that is why it takes the first place for human colonization in the imagination of many scientists and fiction writers. The Martians shall do well.

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Every experience, whether good or bad, would affect and improve future technology and safety standards for other colonies. The moon has been targeted among the planetary bodies because of its proximity to the earth.

Moving materials from the earth to the moon or vice versa requires energy, but the energy required to transport material from space to earth is lower and much more in a reverse trip. This station would allow cargo and important supplies to be more easily transported between Earth and the Moon.

Miners operating among the asteroids will be unable to produce their necessary supplies locally. Space tourism would provide monetary incentives, security, and several other technological benefits.

While NASA has simulators that mimic life on the surface of the Moon, these simulators do not compare to the firsthand experience that astronauts would gather from living on the Moon. Once that has been accomplished, the habitation domes could be virtually any size, as they would not have to sustain a pressure differential between their interior and exterior.

Mars is a harsher place than any on Earth. New achievements in the solar energy technologies Higher level of technologies and bio housing Development of electro vehicles 3D printing development and achievements Discovery of lunar water.

Lunar equatorial areas are widely believed o be containing higher concentrations of Helium-3 that is a major component in nuclear research.

This could be reinforced by setting up numerous power plants. For the purposes of power back up, radioisotope thermoelectric generators would be of great value in producing energy Shreve 7. A communication, which is configuring in a round trip model is more efficient in communication to the earth, with only a 3 second delay.

15 Ambitious Plans to Colonize the Moon

The point to be made is that unlike colonists on any known extraterrestrial body, Martian colonists will be able to live on the surface, not in tunnels, and move about freely and grow crops in the light of day. Solar power could however be a major drawback for the characteristically long lunar nights that last for hours.

If concentrated supplies of metals of equal or greater value than silver such as germanium, hafnium, lanthanum, cerium, rhenium, samarium, gallium, gadolinium, gold, palladium, iridium, rubidium, platinum, rhodium, europium, and a host of others were available on Mars, they could potentially be transported back to Earth for a substantial profit.

On the other hand, because of its complex geologic history, Mars may have concentrated mineral ores, with much greater concentrations of precious metal ores readily available than is currently the case on Earth — because the terrestrial ores have been heavily scavenged by humans for the past 5, years.

NASA is currently studying varieties of radishes, lettuce, and green onions within plant growth chambers where samples are grown hydroponically using nutrient-enriched fluid inside hydroponic chambers.

Satoki Kurokawa from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency explained that their Moon base would be essential for the development of robotics. Miners operating among the asteroids will be unable to produce their necessary supplies locally.

For example, waste-recycling toilets will save the water and new self-driving electro cars will make the lunar transport more effective. This is an unprecedented situation for humanity.Deuterium is five times more common on Mars than it is on Earth, and tens of thousands of times more common on Mars than on the Moon.

But the biggest problem with the Moon, as with all other airless planetary bodies and proposed artificial free-space colonies, is that sunlight is not available in a form useful for growing crops.

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Custom America's Colonization of the Moon Essay Colonization of the moon is the proposed permanent establishment of human on the moon. Indication that water and vegetation could be present in significant quantities at the lunar poles has increased interest of human settlement as a natural expansion of humanity beyond the earth.

While different space agencies have approached the idea of a manned mission to Mars as taking place in the vein of the Apollo explorations of the moon, the feasibility of such missions has diminished due to financial considerations and the lack of a public appetite in the current political climate (Schulze-Makuch & Davies, ).

Human Colony On Mars By Marketing Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Lansdorp says that he has been thinking about the colonization of mars for at least 15 years, since when he was still in University.

Inhe revised the idea and began making more serious calculations. As with the Apollo Moon landings, a human. Moon is the closest celestial body, that is why it takes the first place for human colonization in the imagination of many scientists and fiction writers.

Colonization of the Moon is seriously discussed in the scientific circles since the late fifties.

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